HAMOC - Helicopter Aided Mapping of Crops

This should be a picture of the helicopter

Autonomous altitude control working in lab.
Manual flight in Lab
Lite Machines -Corona 120
Test no. 1 of helicopter camera 24/11-06
Test no. 2 of helicopter camera 24/11-06
Test no. 3 of helicopter camera 24/11-06
Leif O. Hobby Shop
See the helicopter fly!


15 May 2007
Now the helicopter is capable of hovering when only controlling the altitude autonomously. The lateral and longitudinal movements are still controlled manually. Furthermore all the image processing and state estimation works. Now we are working on the lateral and longitudinal controller.
3rd April 2007
Parameter estimation is done, and the model chapter is almost finished. The image processing algorithm is working, but needs some fitting before it is implemented. State estimation is about to begin...
7th March 2007
We've had some trouble with the the hardware in the last few weeks. But today it seems like we have fixed the problem. So now all the hardware is working, and we proceede by estimation of parameters and image processing.
31 January 2007
Now well past the mid term seminar, the time schedule for the project and major milestones have been reviewed.
17 December 2006
Link to literature added in the right panel and timeschedule modified.
8 December 2006
Just returned from 10 days in USA visiting Georgia Tech.
24 November 2006
Uploaded testvideo of the helicopter camera.
23 November 2006
Uploaded video of the helicopter flying in LAB - see link just under the picture above.
23 October 2006
Minor changes in links
24 September 2006
Page now up and running

Time schedule


Current work


Start Finish Status Expected duration and deadlines for the (major) milestones.
-09/02DoneModel Adaptation to fit the Corona 120 Heli.
-09/03DoneHardware Setup/Implementation
-09/03DoneParameter Estimation
17/0230/03DoneImage processing
03/0320/04DoneState Estimation
31/0327/04Design done and implementation initiatedDesign and implementation of PID controller
09/0418/05PendingDesign and Implementation of Advanced Controllers

Major and minor milestones in the project

  1. Finish the adaptation and test of the model.
  2. Mount the servoboard, IMU and heli-cam on the helicopter
  3. Determine the parameters of the helicopter, with all the hardware implemented.
  4. When the offset between the IMU co-ordinate system origin and the body frame
  5. origin is known, this must be taken into account in the serial interface between the
    IMU and the control computer.
  6. Implement the servoboard interface.
Milestone 1: The model and all the hardware is working, except the interface between
the image processing computer and the control computer. It is possible to control the
helicopter fromthe control computer and the system is ready for software implementation
and test. Also the servo motor positions are transmitted via the servoboard back to the
  1. Design and implement image processing software.
  2. Setup the serial interface between the image processing computer and the CC.
Milestone 2: Image processing is working as expected, and the IPC transmits the absolute position of the helicopter to the CC with a satisfactory precision and update frequency.
  1. Sensor Fusion. The IMU output and the IPC output will be fusioned to increase precision and update frequency of the position output to the controller.
  2. State estimation. Before control is implemented, it is necessary to have a good
  3. estimate of all the states in the system.
Milestone 3: It is possible to estimate the state vector with a satisfactory precision and update frequency. It is now possible to implement a controller.
  1. Design and implement a feasible controller to stabilize the model in hover.
  2. Verify the controller in a simulation environment.
  3. Test the controller on the real helicopter.
Milestone 4: Goal reached. The helicopter is stabilized in hover.