ISCA grants

ISCA financially supports ISCA member students and young scientists (age < 35) to participate in workshops and conferences organized or supported by ISCA. Exceptionally, researchers in special situations like unemployment or coming from low income-level countries can also apply. The support covers early registration and possibly accommodation costs while transportation costs are covered only in exceptional cases. Applicants from all countries are eligible.

Grants are approved, according to the available ISCA budget, to applicants who fulfill the requirements below:

However, applications which do not comply with all requirements are carefully evaluated and applicants may be supported.

Applications must be sent to the ISCA Grant Coordinator by electronic mail only as early as possible and no later than submission of the full paper. Be careful to send the application with all the details requested in the form. The grant corresponding to the participation fee will be paid directly to the conference or workshop organiser. In the case that the grant also cover accommodation (and other) costs, the remaining part of the grant will be paid directly to the applicant upon receipt of original invoices or bills justifying the claimed expenses and after ISCA has received the report (see below).

The workshop organisers will inform the ISCA Grant Coordinator as soon as the accept/reject status of all papers that has both been submitted to the workshop and for an ISCA grant. Grant applicant will therefore receive the final decision on the grant from the Grants Coordinator mid-April 2008.

By accepting a grant the recipient commits her- or himself to write a report describing her or his current activities (research, etc) and the benefits to these activities of attending the event. The report must be submitted within three month after the end of the event. It may be made public by ISCA through the ISCAPad and/or the ISCA web server. Click on the above link to get a copy of the report form to be completed by the ISCA grant recipient. No reimbursement can be given if the report is received after the three months.

The report and receipts must be received by ISCA within 3 months of the conference or ISCA will assume that the grant has lapsed, and no reimbursement can be provided.
Click here for reimbursement instructions.
Questions about grants should be addressed to the ISCA Grant Coordinator.