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Galileo SDR (GIOVE-A results)

The GNSS software defined radio was easily modified to acquire signal from GIOVE-A satellite (the first Galileo test satellite). The figure shows the acquisition result obtained 21-03-2006. The distinct BOC(1,1) type correlation is clearly visible in the figure (only part containing the peak is showed here).

GIOVE-A acquisition plot

A good description of the Galileo signal and the spreading code for GIOVE-A (used in this example) can be found: Sherman Lo, Alan Chen, Per Enge, Grace Gao, Dennis Akos, Jean-Luc Issler, Lionel Ries, Thomas Grelier, and Joel Dantepal. Images and Spectral Signatures of the New GNSS Signals. Inside GNSS, May/June 2006, 46-56.

Here is an example of Galileo GIOVE-A navigation data. Signal was recorded using USB front-end by one of our students. The coding of bit values: black = 0, white = 1. Record length is about 300 seconds.

GIOVE-A navigation data (USB front-end record)

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