Fatemeh Tahersima

Fatemeh Fatemeh (Maryam) Tahersima
Control & Instrumentation Engineer
PhD, MSc E.E.
email: fts(at)es.aau.dk
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Postdoctoral Researcher at the Department of Electronic Systems, Aalborg University, Sep 2012-2013. The main focus of my research is on "Energy management of electrical power microgrids consisting both demand and generation sides". The project objective is to make the microgrid to operate in an islanded mode with no/minimum dependency on the electricity grid. The research project is a workpackage of the EU project ENCOURAGE in cooperation with EnergiNord A/S.

Previous Positions/Experiences

PhD at Aalborg University 2009-2012. PhD thesis: An integrated control system for heating and indoor climate applications.The focus area of PhD research was on "Modeling and economic control of thermodynamic systems using gray-box modeling and model predictive control approaches". Application of the theory was a "Central hydronic heating system in a single family house". As a partner of Zero Emission Building (ZEB) project we had cooperation with Danfoss A/S.The PhD project was supervised by Prof. Jakob Stoustrup and Dr. Henrik Rasmussen.

Development Engineer at Marsuscom 2005-2007. I was invovled in design of control philosophy and development of Human Machine Interface (HMI) for two horticultural plants using NI LabVIEW & NI DSC Module.

MSc (2001-2005) & BSc (2006-2008) E.E. at University of Tehran. Master thesis title: Optimal control of switched dynamical systems.

Selected Publications

F.Tahersima, J. Stoustrup and H. Rasmussen, “Energy Minimizing Controller for a Residential Central Heating System with Hydronic Floor Heating and a Heat Pump”. In Energy.

F.Tahersima, J. Stoustrup and H. Rasmussen, “An Analytical Solution for Stability-Performance Dilemma of TRV-Controlled Hydronic Radiators”. In Energy & Buildings.

F.Tahersima, J. Stoustrup , S. Afkhami Meybodi and H. Rasmussen, “Economic COP Optimization of a Heat Pump with Hierarchical Model Predictive Control”. Accepted In IEEE CDC51, Maui, Hawaii, USA, December 2012.

F.Tahersima, J. Stoustrup , S. Afkhami Meybodi and H. Rasmussen, “Contribution of Domestic Heating Systems to Smart Grid Control”. In IEEE CDC-ECC50, Orlando, FL, USA December 2011.

F.Tahersima, J. Stoustrup and H. Rasmussen, “Eliminating Oscillation in TRV Controlled Hydronic Radiators”. In IEEE CDC-ECC50, Orlando, FL, USA, December 2011.

F.Tahersima, J. Stoustrup and H.Rasmussen, “Stability-Performance Dilemma in TRV-based Hydronic Radiators”. In IEEE MSC 2011, Denver, CL, USA, October 2011.

F.Tahersima, J. Stoustrup and H. Rasmussen, “Optimal Control of a Central Heating System with Geothermal Heat Pump”. In 18th IFAC World Congress, Milano, Italy, August 2011.

F.Tahersima, J. Stoustrup, H.Rasmussen and Peter Gammeljord, “Thermal Analysis of an HVAC System with TRV Controlled Hydronic Radiaor”, In IEEE CASE 2010, Toronto, Canada.

F.Tahersima, B. N. Arabi, “Approximation of a Map and its Derivatives with an RBF Network Using Input-Output Clustering”, In IEEE International World Congress on Computational Intelligence (IJCNN), Hong Kong, June 2008.

S. Afkhami, F. Tahersima, and M.J. Yazdanpanah, “Supervisory Control of Hybrid Perturbed Systems”. In Proceedings of ICEE 2008, Tehran, Iran, May 2008. (In Farsi)

F. Tahersima, S. Afkhami, and M.J. Yazdanpanah, “Switching Control of State-Dependent Switched Systems under Consistent Perturbation”. In ICCAS 2008, Seoul, Korea, Oct 2008.


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Section of Automation and Control
Department of Electronic Systems
Aalborg University
Fredrik Bajers Vej, 7C
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