Paul Dalsgaard
Aalborg University
Institute of Electronic    Systems
Niels Jernes Vej 12
DK-9220 Aalborg


  Research Interests






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Since March 4, 2005

Paul Dalsgaard

Institute of Electronic Systems, Aalborg University (AAU), Denmark


 Curriculum Vitae for Paul Dalsgaard as of October 2005

1962:                                      Electronic Engineer, Danish Technical University
1962-1964:                            Part time military service
                                                Part time teaching at Danish Electrical Engineering Academy (DIA-E), Copenhagen, 1963
1963-1969:                            Lecturer at DIA-E, Copenhagen
1969-:                                     Responsible for establishing DIA-E, Aalborg
1969-1974:                            Lecturer at DIA-E, Aalborg
1974-:                                     Associate professor at Aalborg University
Aug. 1974 - Sep. 1975:         Visiting Research at Mac Master University, Canada
1975-1977:                            Research Scholarship on "Optimal Design" funded by Danish Technical Research Council
1979-                                      Initiated Danish Research within Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)
1981 - 1983:                           Senior Lectureship from Danish Technical Research Council
1984-                                      Responsible for running a number of major ASR research activities funded by the Danish Ministry
                                                of Industry in collaboration with major and partly funded by Danish industrial partners and partly
                                                by the European Commission
1989-1993:                            Responsible researcher for collaborative Danish project involving multi-disciplinary activities in
                                                spoken language processing, textual and linguistic processing and cognitive science related to
                                                human computer interaction
1993:                                      Member of the Board European Speech Communication Association (ESCA
, now ISCA)
1994:                                      Full time professor at Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science, AAU in the professional area
                                                "Speech and Multimedia Communication
1993-2003:                            Part responsibility for research and management of Center for PersonKommunikation (CPK) (Centre
                                                 for Personal Communication
1995:                                      Appointed by Faculty responsible for developing a new curriculum on "2000+" 
                                                "Intelligent human-computer multimedia communication"
1996:                                      Chairperson for the international ISCA-workshop on "Dialogue Systems", held in Denmark
1993-:                                     Broadening the ASR concept to include Danish Text-to-Speech Synthesis (TTS) in collaboration
                                                with Danish Tele Communications Industry
1997:                                      Vice President and Treasurer of International Speech Communication Association (ISCA)
1998:                                      Chairperson for the bi-annual "Nordic Signal Processing Workshop", held in Denmark
1999-2001:                            Research responsible for establishing a Danish TTS system, funded by the
                                                Danish Ministry of Research, Technology and Development
2001:                                      Chairperson for the international ISCA-workshop on "Multimodal Dialogue Systems",
                                                held at Kloster Irsee, Germany
2001:                                      Organiser and chairperson of "8th ISCA International Eurospeech Conference", held in Aalborg
2002:                                      Responsible for the CPK-internal project FACE ("Future Adaptive Communication Environments")
                                                merging research activities from networking, human-computer speech interfaces, Cellular Networks
                                                and Antennas & Propagation
2003:                                      AAU responsible for the industry-academia consortia project on "Centre for Network and Service

 Main research interests during carrier:

1979- 1989:                           Automatic Speech Recognition

1990-1995:                            Human-computer based speech activated Dialogue Systems

1996-2000:                            Intelligent Multi-modal and Multi-media human-computer interfacing

2000-:                                    The integration of spoken language driven multimodal interfaces into wireless networks
E-inclusion and Spoken Language Processing for group of Disabled Citizens










Present projects:

My personal Adaptive Global Net (MAGNET) Integrated Project, European FP6

Future Adaptive Communication Environment (FACE) AAU research cross research group activity

Centre for Network and Service Convergence (CNTK) Industrial funding


Hobbies in special:


Mail: Institute of Electronic Systems

         Aalborg University                                                Tel:    +45 9635 8642

         Niels Jernes Vej 12                                               Fax:    +45 9815 1583
         DK-9220 Aalborg, Denmark 
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