Use a PCI slot to hold a 2.5" harddrive

So you have spend all your 3.5 slots for your raid configuation, or whatever, and now just need one more slot for the system drive. Here is the solution, get an extra 2.5 harddrive. However you can not just hotglue it to the case, because the harddrive gets hot, and will detatch. Instead you can used a spare PCI card and a DVD cover to convert a PCI slot to a 2.5" harddive slot. Do not use cardboard, because it might catch fire when it gets hot.

You can click on the pictures to enlarge them.

I started out with a 2.5" harddrive and a defektive PCI card

I got a whole box full of DVD covers

Made a copy of the PCI out of the DVD cover

Drilled some holes with a skrewdriver

Attached the harddrive

From the back

Installed in the case

The case you seen in the picture is my Antec NSK1380 case. You see my video, where I show just how great the case is :-).