Tatiana Kozlova Madsen

Associate Professor





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Dept. of Electronic Systems

Aalborg University

Frederik Bajers vej 7A

9220 Aalborg ěst, Denmark

tel: +45 9940 8632

fax: +45 9815 1583

email: tatiana_AT_es.auc.dk

I am Associate Professor within the research section on Networking and Security (NetSec) at the Department of Electronic Systems.  My research interests lie in the wide area of wireless (and wired) networking, including Quality of Service and performance optimization of converging networks, architectures and protocols for safety-critical applications, vehicular communication, modelling of communication protocols, network coding, mobility support in heterogeneous IP-based networks and ad hoc routing.

My research to date has been focused on different aspects of communication protocols and architectures, especially for wireless environments, including optimization problems taking into account the limited resources and stringent requirements of a wireless medium. My research is mainly motivated by a desire to find and develop techniques and tools for design and performance evaluation of different wireless networks, including cellular systems, ad hoc and sensor networks.



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