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The allocated time for oral presentations is 20 minutes including questions. Please limit your presentation to a maximum of 15 minutes leaving 5 minutes for questions.


Printed posters should be A0 size in portrait orientation (height 1189 mm x width 841 mm). Tape will be prepared in the room for attaching posters.


The Chair of a session has the essential task of making sure that the session runs smoothly. This entails more than just keeping time, although this is an important aspect of being a Chair. The Chair is charged with making sure that the presenters feel welcome and that all technical issues are resolved. All presenters have been advised to get in contact with you before the session sending you the presentation. You may want to send them an email as a remainder.

After the session, please inform the conference organizers about any no-shows or other irregularities.

Oral Presentations
Before the session starts, make sure that all the presentations have been loaded on the conference PC or, if a speaker prefers to use his/her laptop, make sure that the connectors are appropriate and working.

If one of the speakers is missing, leave the presentation slot empty to stay on schedule.

Introduce very briefly the session topic at the beginning. Introduce each speaker and keep track of the time limits. Signal the speaker with a card that he/she has "10 min" left, then "5 min" left, then "Conclude now". The cards will be provided by the conference staff.

Please also manage the question and answer procedure after each talk. Long dialogues should be avoided and you may suggest to continue the discussion off-line.

At the end of the session conclude with brief remarks thanking the speakers and the attendants.

Poster Presentations
Before the session starts, greet the presenters and make sure that all the posters have been placed on the boards. Be ready to assist with any technical problems.

Go yourself through the posters and ask questions. At the end of the session let the conference organizers have the list of presented posters and the non-shows.

Posters should be removed at the end of the session. The new posters can optionally be placed early on the boards after the previous poster session.