Crowd Analysis - Supplementary Video Examples


Francesco Santoro, Sergio Pedro, Zheng-Hua Tan and Thomas B. Moeslund, " Crowd Analysis by Using Optical Flow and Density Based Clustering," EUSIPCO 2010 the 18th European Signal Processing Conference, Aalborg, Denmark, August 2010.




This webpage contains two video files that show the results of the developed system on the PETS2009 benchmark data [1]. The output of the system is given as a graphic overlay, i.e. adding arrows and colors to the original video (images) in order to show crowds and their movement.


       Video for scenario 1: Crowd merging. This scenario contains a densely grouped crowd and a single person joining it.


       Video for scenario 2: Crowd splitting. In this scenario, a single crowd is moving diagonally. At a point it splits up into 3 different crowds.